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Indian boy, 15, has gone missing in Sharjah


A selfie of the 15-year-old boy who is curently missing from his home in Sharjah.

Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

Sharjah Police are still searching for an Indian boy Mohammad Parvez,15, who has been missing from his parents’ home for 13 days now. The boy did not take any of his personal belongings and left home with only Dhs8 of his daily pocket money, according to the boy’s father.

The father, identified as MB, a partner of a small company for selling air conditioners, said he stopped going for work since his son went missing and was searching for him day and night in parks and areas surrounding his house in Muwaileh.

“Usually, I don’t give my son more money than he needs. Thus, my son’s expenses did not exceed Dhs15 a day because he used to have all his meals at home except for lunch when he is late at school. On the day he disappeared, he had only Dhs8 in his pocket”, the father said.

“My son is the eldest of his three sisters. A hard-working grade 9 student, Parvez is religiously committed and has memorized six parts of the Holy Quran. He has never left home without telling me or his mother. We have no relatives in the emirate except my brother, who lives with his family in Fujairah. My son used to leave home alone only when he goes to his nearby Delta English School. Although he used to perform prayers on time, he never left home even for Fajr prayer without accompanying me”, the father added.

The father said that on the day he disappeared, his son went to bed at 11pm after performing the Isha prayer but then woke up at around 12:30am while he was holding his mobile phone for which he was reproached by his mother because the time was late.

The father added that when he woke up at 4am, he noticed that his son was not in his room and was sure of this after her mother woke up, noting that he waited for sometimes before calling the police to make sure that his son was not around.

When all his attempts to find his son failed, he headed to the Industrial Area Comprehensive Police Station to report his son was missing on the same day. There, he gave all the data of his son, telling the police that he was wearing a white Kandora with a blue shirt and brown trousers under it. He added that he noticed that his son left his belongings and mobile phone at home, noting that he daily receives a follow-up call from the police.

Two days ago, he visited the Indian Consulate in Dubai to report his missing son, the father said, adding that the consulate asked for more details about his son and the measures taken by the police for a report on his disappearance to be made.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Police said they issued a circular to all authorities concerned on the child’s disappearance with full details about the missing boy and his father and a photo of the missing boy and contact details of his father, calling on all people who have any useful information to call them on 06-5138882 or 800151.

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