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A canvas of kids, crafts, cupcakes and colour


Creations can be taken home and shared on social media.

UAE citizens and residents can enjoy a fun-filled summer at Sharjah’s awe-inspiring Al Noor Island. So, if you are looking to gainfully engage your children during their school holidays, look no further. From workshops on latte art, cupcake decoration, colouring ‘Colour Our Collection’, doodling and crafts, and a nature-inspired jewellery design with Lia Staehlin – their packed summer programme promises fun and new learning for creative enthusiasts of all ages. 

The programme began in early June and runs until August 31, 2019. All their activities have turned out to be extremely popular with the masses, and a steady flow of aspiring bakers, baristas and artists are trickling in to pick up tips and tricks at the various workshops delivered by experts.

The nature-inspired destination’s latest offering ‘nature-inspired jewellery design’ is a great and unconventional concept waiting to be explored by those interested in the fashion and aesthetics field. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create their own necklaces and other fashion accessories, with Lia Staehlin.

Registration requests can be made via email (info@alnoorisland.ae). For more information about the workshops, visit their social media accounts at @alnoorisland.

With its unique architectural designs that reflect the Zeitgeist, and its art sculptures that tell the stories of human creativity, Al Noor Island was opened to the public in December 2015. It is one of the most impressive destinations from the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) and has been developed for all ages.

 Al Noor Island has an area of 45,470 sqmt and includes a wooden walk way that stretches to 3.5km which takes visitors around the island with a background of soothing music. Other major attractions include the OVO, the literature pavilion, various art sculptures, gardens, children’s play area, a trampoline and artistic lighting features. Al Noor Island is a natural haven for a hassle-free experience.

An earlier report said as the nation eagerly awaits to bring in the festivities of this year’s holiday with their family and friends, Sharjah’s Al Noor Island has crafted a perfect Eid Al Fitr celebration itinerary, fun for all age groups.

And it’s not just the hundreds of exotic butterfly species residing on this picturesque island which will add colour to one’s festivities, there are activities aplenty that will add the vibrancy required for a fitting family Eid celebration.

Creations can be taken home and shared on social media.

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to make Eid crafts, including greeting cards and traditional paper lanterns.

A report last year said in keeping with its commitment to the environment and culture, Al Noor Island would be opening an innovative bird photography gallery.

The exhibition is the result of a competition held by Al Noor Island to submit the most impressive photos of birds on the island, reinforcing its reputation as a natural haven for wildlife and one of the Arab world’s most unique sanctuaries for birds and butterflies.

The images represent some of the UAE’s 450 recorded native and migrant bird species, 10 per cent of which are present on Al Noor Island, where the serene atmosphere with tall green canopies presents birds-nesting and roosting opportunities.

The pioneering gallery features a total of 33 photographs, which will be displayed for two months.

Marwa Obaid Al Shamsi, Manager of Al Noor Island, said, “The exhibition perfectly reflects our desire to connect art, culture and natural beauty, and bring the people of the UAE innovative ways of appreciating them all.

“The standard of photography is superb and we are delighted to be able to showcase such wonderful local talent. By supporting and actively encouraging nature and wildlife to thrive, Al Noor Island has become synonymous with a conservation and preservation initiative. The Butterfly House, which is home to more than 400 butterflies from 22 exotic species, draws thousands of visitors to appreciate the wonder of our natural surroundings.”

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