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Expat promotes ‘mini-series’ in Italy


The series will be broadcast on the occasion of the UAE National Day on local TV channels.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Dubai-based expatriate Benedetta Paravia has returned from Italy after successfully promoting her “mini series” to highlight the achievements of UAE women. The “Meet the Press” event was part of the “IN TOWN Calendar” of Altaroma, one of the major fashion and cultural events of Italy.

The exclusive event was sponsored by the Italian Women Entrepreneurs (FIDAPA).

Benedetta spoke to Gulf Today in Dubai and shed light on her new series of TV, web and in-flight cross-media format entitled “Hi Emirates.”

“The multi-format series has already been presented during the meeting. It will be broadcast on the occasion of the UAE National Day on local television networks. The series highlights the spirit of Tolerance of UAE, a country dubbed as ‘a community for communities,’” she said.

Benedetta is known as Princess Bee.

The women, who are the protagonists of the new series “Hi Emirates,” are 35 in total, including Sheikha Dr Hind Al Qassimi; the Emirati philanthropist Thoraya Al Awadhi; Dr Mouza Al Ameri, who treats breast cancer; the Emirati skater Zahra Lari (who fought for the acceptance of the veil during international competitions, as a symbol of mutual respect between the different communities); Italian horse rider Costanza Laliscia, champion of the Endurance World Cup, Olympic shooting champion Yasmine Tahlak and also some leading entrepreneurs from the Emirates Business Council and representatives of the various religious communities dedicated to charity and social activities in the UAE.

“These women represent different worlds that converge on the spirit of social pluralism of the United Arab Emirates, which offers dignity and respect for the various populations, despite their differences,” said Benedetta.

“The positive stories about these women represent a path supported by a great strength that is the key to reach and overcome every difficulty and be successful,” she added.

The theme song of the programme is “Emaraat,” a song written and interpreted by Benedetta, as Princess Bee, together with the Emirati singer Harbi Al Amri with the Arabic part written by Ali Al Khawar.

Benedetta added: “The year 2019 is the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, the only country in the world that boasts a Ministry of Tolerance to ensure that every individual feels welcome among the 280 nationalities present in the country. We are waiting all of you to visit Expo 2020, another one of the extraordinary events made in the UAE.”

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