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Arab woman requests court for blood money


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

An Arab woman requested the Sharjah Criminal Court to order the blood money of her husband, who died while trying to defend a mother and her daughter, to be paid to her by virtue of a proxy from the victim’s relatives.

According to the case, which is being heard by the Sharjah Criminal Court, an Arab was charged with killing another Arab, who had tried to defend an Asian woman and her daughter in an attack with a knife before he received a stab that led to his death. The guard of the building in which the murder took place testified that while he was in his room, he heard screams for help coming from the first and second floors.

He rushed out and as soon as he reached the entrance to the building, he saw the perpetrator with a knife full of blood in his hand.

Prevented from entering through the main entrance to the building, the guard had to use the back entrance to the second floor, where he found the victim lying motionless on the ground.

The guard tried later to catch the perpetrator and prevent him from running away but the perpetrator was standing calmly at the entrance to the building with the knife in his hand. In the meantime, the guard heard a scream for help coming from a nearby cafeteria.

Moving to where the scream came, the guard found a mother and her daughter bleeding after being stabbed and seeking the help of the cafeteria owner who called the police who in turn arrested the killer.

Answering a question by the victim’s proxy about the perpetrator’s condition at the time of the incident, the guard said he was calm and did not show any resistance.

The court decided to adjourn the case till an Aug18 session to see the forensic medicine’s report on the perpetrator’s psychological and mental conditions and summon the cafeteria owner for testimony.

In another case, the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation sentenced an Asian director to 10 years in jail and obligated him to pay Dhs200,000 in blood money to be followed by deportation on charges of murdering one of his employees during a fishing trip as he previously knew the victim could not swim.

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