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Abu Dhabi hospital conducts first water birth


The world welcomes this lovely bundle of joy.

Giving birth to a baby can be an extremely painful experience that can put considerable strain – both physical and psychological – on the mother. A good number of women therefore opt for a Caesarean section to make the delivery more tolerable.

However, there is another way of delivering a baby: water birth. It means, as the name suggests, giving birth in water – in a birth pool filled with warm water, to be more precise.

It has a very relaxing effect on women during childbirth. Even UAE residents have cottoned on to the practice, as couple Shamma and Mohamed Al Mansoori have shown through their example. They chose a water birthing pool recently at Burjeel Hospital for the delivery of their baby.

Water birth, as the name suggests means giving birth in water.

Dr Sausan AbdulRahman Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Burjeel Hospital, who helped in making the experience fulfilling for Shamma, said, “We find that our patients have a more relaxed, pain-free and fulfilling birthing experience and feel more in control, especially that they can be fully mobile and have no need to take pain medications by any route. There is also the feeling of lightness in weight as water is carrying the mother during the labouring process. We are delighted that the Mansoori family had a positive and comfortable birthing experience with our team of expertise.”

Shamma Al Mansoori said, “ I was very happy and contented during the whole labouring process. The ability to see my baby born in front of my eyes and the opportunity to be the first one to hold the baby and even cut the cord is so exciting.” She highly recommends water birthing to all expectant mothers.

Dr Bashier Dawlatly, Consultant – Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Head of Department, remarked, “Labouring in water helps the body release less of the stress hormones and more of the labour hormone, oxytocin, hence stimulating labour contractions to be strong and more regular.”

More expectant mothers in the UAE now have a choice to use an alternative way to give birth. After all, there can’t be greater happiness for a woman in labour than to see a beautiful bundle of joy next to her in the end.

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