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10 Asians accused of robbing Dhs500,000


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court heard a case in which 10 Asians were accused of kidnapping, beating and robbing a businessman who had more than Dhs500,000 in his possession.

According to the official records, the victim told the court that he had received a WhatsApp message on an announcement for services rendered by a company for transferring investors’ money against relatively reduced fees. Through several phone calls, the businessman a number of the company’s employees agreed on a date and place to meet to discuss how to remit sums of money to other people in the businessman’s home country. The businessman affirmed that he agreed with the company’s employees to transfer around Dhs525,000 for investment. He went with his brother to meet three of the defendants who asked him to get into their vehicle to their office. The businessman agreed and left the money bag with his brother inside their own vehicle. As soon as they arrived at a remote and unfamiliar place, the vehicle stopped and one of the defendants asked the victim to call his brother to bring the money bag. As he was suspicious, the businessman refused and at that moment the other defendants appeared and started punching him on the face and other parts of his body before muzzling him.

When the defendants were busy, the businessman felt it was the right time to run away. He headed to a small grocery on the road and called the police who rushed to the place and arrested all the defendants.

The victim explained that when he met his brother, he discovered that the defendants had stolen the bag from his brother and took all the Dhs525,000 in addition to a passport and a cheque book.

One of the defendant, however, affirmed that only Dhs85,000 was in the bag.

Based on the above, the court decided to adjourn the case till July 21 session to listen to the testimony of the victim’s brother. In the meantime, all the defendants were remanded in custody.

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