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Video: Train services disrupted after heavy rain in Mumbai

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Indian children jump into the water of a flooded street after heavy rain showers in Mumbai.

Mumbai which is the financial capital of India has been flooded with rainwater causing disruption for commuters.

With two of the biggest stock exchanges and with the headquarters of several major companies, Mumbai has been experiencing heavy rain since Sunday night.

Thousands of commuters were stranded in trains and vehicles during peak morning hours as they tried to reach offices.

Suburban trains were delayed by as much as two hours because the tracks were submerged under water while some long distance trains were cancelled.

Several flights were delayed by around half an hour, said a spokeswoman for Mumbai International Airport.

"Fifty minutes train journey took two and half hours today as railway tracks were flooded," said Ketan Bondre, who works for a private sector company.

Although Mumbai is trying to build itself into a global financial hub, large parts of the city struggle to cope with annual monsoon rains.

Unabated construction on floodplains and coastal areas, as well as storm-water drains and waterways clogged by plastic garbage, have made the city increasingly vulnerable to chaos.

Floods in 2005 killed more than 500 people in Mumbai. The majority of deaths occurred in shanty town slums, which are home to more than half of Mumbai's population.


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