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Fine over emergency vehicles starts today


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The new fine of Dh3,000, 6 points and impounding the vehicle for 30 days for not giving way to emergency and police vehicles in the emirate has come into force today (July 1), the Abu Dhabi Police confirmed.

The fine will be imposed on those who do not give priority to emergency vehicles, ambulances, police or official processions on the emirate’s roads, the police added.

The move is to enhance safety of roads and reduce the number of deaths resulting from traffic accidents, the police said.

The Abu Dhabi Police emphasised the importance of spreading a culture of giving priority to the emergency, police vehicles and official processions, to enhance the speed of response to accidents, warning against obstructing their movement. Such an act is a negative behaviour that delays the arrival at accident scenes to provide much-needed services to the injured and impede the work of ambulance crews.

The Abu Dhabi Police also urged the public, in seven languages, to cooperate with them, especially during accidents by not gathering around, so that the ambulance crews can provide their services for the safety of all.

An earlier report said the Ministry of Interior (MoI) had announced the revision of the violation of not giving way to Emergency, Ambulance, Police and Official Convoy Vehicles stipulated in the Federal Traffic Law to Dhs3,000 and a one-month confiscation of the violating vehicle.

The vehicles will be monitored via smart systems and cameras installed on emergency vehicles. 

The MoI noted that the new resolution would come into force starting July 1st 2019.

The resolution aims to promote safer roads environment, reach highest levels of traffic safety, monitor road safety, reduce the number of traffic accidents fatalities and achieve the UAE National Agenda objective in line with the UAE Government’s vision.

Recently, the National Ambulance has launched a social media campaign calling on motorists to ensure that they give way to ambulances and emergency vehicles, to allow efficient response to emergencies and critical incidents.

Via a short video, the National Ambulance is joining the UAE Ministry of Interior’s efforts to raise a nation-wide public awareness campaign on the dangers of not clearing roads for emergency vehicles, along with the stricter measures being applied to ensure that motorists abide by road laws and provisions.

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