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Dubai Customs to use new technologies to deter smuggling attempts


Dubai Customs has discussed using a ‘disruptive product’ for training sniffer dogs to detect explosive.

Adel Al Suwaidi, Director of Technical Support Department at Dubai Customs met with Rafiq Honas, Customs Attache at the French embassy and Gregory Hanin of Getxent company, to discuss the product, which he says, will help detect narcotics, currency, weaponry, and explosives.

According to Al Suwaidi Dubai Customs keeps abreast of the latest technologies and advancements to prevent illicit trade and smuggling attempts.

“These products and devices facilitate our inspection efforts and save us the time needed to secure the whole process,” Al Suwaidi said. “We will try it out and train our dogs on it for 3-5 months.”

The visitors showcased a disruptive product which is made of an innovative material able to collect a huge amount of odorous molecules and releasing them in a controlled manner during months. The product has especially been validated for training for explosives detection.

The visit aims to enhance ties of cooperation and partnership between the external relationships section at the corporate communications department and its partners.

Al Suwaidi and his team listened to a presentation given by the visitors on how to use the product and train sniffer dogs deal with it.


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