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Man uses black pepper to rob victims


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court on Wednesday heard an incident in which an Asian man was accused of using black pepper powder against his victims. The accused sprayed black pepper on the faces of five victims causing them to lose visibility thus giving him the chance to quickly steal their money and possessions without the fear of being recognised later.

According to the testimony of the first witness, who works in a police station, the police received a report about thefts in Al Qassimiya and Rolla in which the victims were robbed after black pepper powder had been sprayed on their faces.

Intensive investigations led the police to two suspects, one of whom was working in Sharjah but was caught in Ras Al Khaimah.

A second witness who worked in the technical section of police surveillance cameras said he could not identify the suspect through the surveillance cameras.

Faced by the charges levelled to them by the court and by the testimony of the first witness, the first suspect confessed to the theft using black pepper powder in Rolla but denied he did it in Al Qassimiya, while the other suspect denied the charges levelled against him.

Based on the above, the court decided to adjourn the session to July 1 to hear the testimonies of the other witnesses.


The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court on Wednesday sentenced an African woman to four months in jail plus deportation for using a passport of another woman and staying in the country illegally.

According to the prosecution’s interrogations, the woman presented the passport to a hotel to prove her identity. The suspect who reportedly entered the UAE on a visit visa, overstayed after the expiry of the visa. In court, she admitted the charges, affirming that she was in the process of rectifying her status, but she was arrested.

She asked the court to use clemency and mercy and allow her to return to her country.

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