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Woman charged with beating cop


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Aya Al Deeb, Ameer Al Sunni, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court of Abu Dhabi on Tuesday looked into the case of a European woman accused of drinking alcohol without a license and beating up a cop who was trying to arrest her. She allegedly caused damages to the rear of the police patrol vehicle, in addition to breaking its glass, the Court heard.

On being confronted with the charges before the Court, the woman admitted to drinking alcohol without a license, but denied the charge of assaulting a cop and causing damages to vehicle of the police patrol, confirming she was under the influence of alcohol during the incident.

The defense lawyer attached a waiver filed by the cop who forgave the defendant for assaulting him. He also added that the defendant would bear any costs of the damage caused to the police vehicle.

The defendant confirmed that whatever happened was under the influence of alcohol and requested the Court for utmost compassion upon her. She further noted that she has been living in the country for more than six years and never committed any offence.


Two Asian workers appeared before the Fujairah Criminal Court on charges of stealing sums of money from a safe inside a workers house and setting fire to a private vehicle.

According to the official records, the two workers, who were living with a number of other workers in a house with several rooms, planned to steal the sums of money available in a safe in the house where workers used to keep their own deposits.

An idea came to one of the defendants to distract the workers away from the safe for him and his colleague to be able to steal the money. The first defendant asked his colleague to set fire in a vehicle parking near the house while he would open the safe and steal the money.

In the evening, all the workers left their rooms to see the fire that broke out in the vehicle and try to put it out. In the meantime, the first defendant managed to get into the designated room, open the safe and steal Dhs4,000. He tried to run away but a worker noticed him and was able to catch him and hand him over to the police.

On interrogation, the first defendant told the police about his accomplice. The public prosecution ordered that both defendants be referred to the courts of law on theft and arson charges.

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