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Sharjah Police roll out anti-bullying initiative after recent cases


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The Sharjah Police have initiated legal action against bullying based on recent social media reports.

The initiative was launched following a video that went viral on social media of children being bullied by their fellow colleagues on a school bus.

In collaboration with school administration and educational authorities, Sharjah police are carrying out investigation by speaking to parents of the students involved.

The role of family, teachers and members of the society are very important in resisting bullying, emphasised the Sharjah Police.

The Sharjah Police added that, every individual has a social responsibility to take steps against bullying.

This can be achieved by intervening, standing with the victim and informing authorities about a bullying case.

All segments of society are called upon to be mindful of how they use the social media.

Bullying is a serious problem and attention need to be paid to it. The integrative aspect of the members of society needs to be strengthening towards combating the problem.


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