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Man caught with narcotic in slice of cake


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Aya Al Deeb and Mohammad Yaseen, Staff Reporters

The Abu Dhabi Appellate Court fixed Sunday June 30 to issue a verdict in the case of a GCC man charged with the possession of a narcotic substance in a piece of cake.

The suspect was arrested at the airport with a piece of cake in his backpack containing a narcotic substance.

The competent authorities apprehended him for possession of narcotics.

In court, he denied the charge, stressing he did not know the cake he had bought from one of the countries before his return to the UAE contained a narcotic substance. He claimed innocence and requested removal of the fine of Dhs10,000, which was slapped on him by the Court of First Instance.

The suspect’s lawyer affirmed the absence of criminal intent, explaining that his client bought two pieces of cake at the airport of one of the countries, which he put in his backpack. He was surprised when he was arrested at Abu Dhabi airport for possession of narcotics.

The lawyer denied that the suspect concealed the narcotics inside the cake, stressing that they were the components of the cake during manufacturing outside the UAE.


The Dubai Public Prosecution referred to the Criminal Court a 25-year-old Asian on the charge of counterfeiting labour contracts and entry visas.

The case dates back to February 2018 when an African reported to the police he was defrauded by an Asian who claimed he was able to issue him labour contracts and entry visas for Dhs2,000 per visa. The victim added he agreed with the suspect through his office to obtain 200 work visas for Dhs2,000 per visa and handed him Dhs400,000 in instalments after the suspect gave him 70 visas which he later discovered to be forged. Consequently he informed the police.

The suspect confessed he received Dhs380,000 for visas which the victim asked him to extract.

Investigations proved that he had precedents in the field of forgery.

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