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‘Lychee fruits in Abu Dhabi sale outlets are safe’


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Rania Al Ghazzawi, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety (ADFCA) has affirmed the safety of the lychee fruit in Abu Dhabi sale outlets, adding that the fruit is free of any risks to humans.

The ADFCA also pointed out that the poisoning incidents experienced by some children in one of the regions in East Asian countries can be caused by several other factors.

The Authority told Al Khaleej that the epidemiological and nutritional surveys carried out to explain the situation indicated that what happened was caused by several factors related to the health and nutritional habits followed by these children.

“It is attributed to other factors such as poor health and nutrition practices represented in missing the main meals and almost total dependency on consuming those fruits during the production season , in addition to consuming them before being ripe,” informed the Authority.   

The ADFCA stressed the need to obtain food products from reliable sources and to separate vegetables and fruits from meat, poultry and fish during the shopping, to ensure that they are not contaminated. They also according to the ADFCA should be separated from chemicals such as detergents and perfumes and should not be put down the shopping cart. Users, said the ADFCA, should make sure to wash vegetables and fruits well before consumption.

The Authority also affirmed that it is constantly working to verify the safety of all agricultural and food products in the emirate’s markets.  “We always make sure the food products are not contaminated through a number of regulatory, appropriate, preventive and corrective measures which are taken instantly when any food safety and health emergency arise, aiming to prevent sending the products out to the Emirati markets,” The ADFCA added.  Officials at the Authority affirmed that they are keen to keep track of news published about the safety of the various foodstuffs and agricultural products around the world.

“After verification, we take quick preventive measures and corrective action in the event that inappropriate or non-conforming products are available for the human consumption. We take quick measures in case the food stuff contain unauthorised ingredients. In this case, these products are kept away and withdrawn from the market, and at the same time we take instant actions to prevent the repetition of such incidents in the market,” the ADFCA affirmed.  It renewed its appeal to the public to communicate with it in the event of any queries, observations or complaints concerning the safety of food and agriculture.

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