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Monkey becomes Elon Musk's Twitter picture


Elon Musk has replaced his profile picture on Twitter with that of an alcoholic monkey.

Carrying on with what seems to be his 'wild Tweet week', multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has replaced his profile picture on Twitter with that of an alcoholic monkey.

Since Tuesday, the profile picture of the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has been showing a baby monkey holding a beautiful emerald blue coloured bottle of a famous brand of gin called Bombay Sapphire - that gets its name from the popularity of gin in India during the British Raj.

Earlier this week, Musk got himself into a controversy by refusing to give a web artist due credit over an anime game character whose picture Musk had shared on his timeline.

While fans were busy expressing their disappointment at Musk's arrogance, he changed his name from 'Elon Musk' to 'Daddy DotCom' on his official Twitter handle.

Later, Musk went into a frenzy of posting bizarre one-liners and bee-memes. 'Daddy DotCom' also tweeted that he was deleting his Twitter account.

However, the billionaire put back his original name on his Twitter account that he did not delete, after almost a day.

Musk's latest tweet is a meme that he shared comparing older memes and newer ones.

While some users enjoyed Musk's quirky Twitter sense, some asked him to stop being frivolous on the micro-blogging site.

"Generations from now, no one will remember how much money a CEO made. But they will remember how dank their memes were," a user wrote.

And when a comment advised Musk to refrain from "communicating with weebs because it's not a good look" Musk shot back with a reply that said, "Non, je ne regrette meme."

Earlier in April, after weeks of negotiation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Musk agreed to a more specific oversight of his controversial Twitter activities that have landed him as well as his company into trouble.

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