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Court looks into murder case of Asian worker


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Amir Al Sonny, Mohamed Yasine, Staff Reporters

The Court of Appeal in Fujairah has looked into the murder case of an Asian worker by his colleague in a labour accommodation in the emirate. According to the police records, the defendant who was a flatmate of the victim, was consuming alcohol excessively with five others on the day of the incident. The defendant and the victim entered into a heated discussion. The accused assaulted the victim and stabbed him with a knife in the abdomen. The suspect was subsequently arrested by the police after an attempt to rescue the victim.

The department questioned the accused about the charges. He admitted to the first charge, drinking alcohol, and for the second, the murder, he said, “I did not know what I was doing on that night.” In another development, a Khaleeji, 31, has been referred to the Criminal Court on Monday over assaulting two cops while they were on duty in December last year. The details date back to the time when a police patrol was alerted about a wanted vehicle carrying a number persons. It had been escaping from the police patrols of Qusais Police Station.

The vehicle was monitored, but the driver remained disobeying the calls to stop for about an hour, and then stopped on the side of the road and ran away with three people.

The operations room received a tip-off indicating that another vehicle was monitored carrying the absconding persons. Thus, it was tracked until it stopped nearby at a villa. One of them entered a neighbouring house, while the other remained inside the vehicle. One of them resisted the patrol members, refused to restrain his hands and tried to escape. He then beat the cops, the Court heard.


An Asian worker molested a boy, 16, after he had tricked him into buying clothes from his store. The Dubai Public Prosecution referred the defendant to the courts of law. The case began with the juvenile’s consent to go with the defendant, who gave him the wrong impression that he was selling men’s garments. The boy discovered later that the defendant had a store for selling women’s garments.

During the Public Prosecution’s investigations, the victim said that when he was with his mother in a market in Dubai, he saw the defendant who asked him to go with him to his store where Arab clothes were sold. Later, the boy discovered that the defendant’s store was for selling women’s garments. The worker took advantage of being alone with the child to molest him. The scared boy, however, escaped and told the police.

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