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Man dies saving woman, kid from assault


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court in Sharjah has adjourned the case of an Arab man accused of stabbing a compatriot to death, when the latter was attempting to save a woman and her kid from assault of the defendant. The Court requested to hasten the medical report on the mental condition of the defendant, while it determined the next session to hear the witnesses on July 2.

According to the police records, the victim, 46, Arab, was stabbed to death, while an Asian woman, 33, and her daughter sustained injuries after the defendant had assaulted them at the entrance of a building in Al Butina area, Sharjah.

The police team arrived at the scene where they found a woman and her daughter bleeding and the man already dead. The police also found a compatriot holding a knife, who later surrendered to the police.

The woman was rushed to Al Kuwaiti hospital where she has been admitted to the ICU, while the daughter was taken to Al Qasimi hospital. The body of the victim has been transferred to the forensic department for autopsy.

There were unconfirmed reports that the stabber suffers from mental health issues.

According to the defendant’s flatmate, the suspect’s tourist visa had expired which increased his worries about not having a job. He started to show signs of madness, striking his head on the wall and talking to himself, the flatmate added.

He said that on the day of the incident, the suspect picked up a knife from the kitchen of their apartment and walked out towards the lift.

A short time later, people rushed towards loud screams coming from the entrance of a building, where the victim had stepped in between the killer and the woman and her daughter, allowing them to escape.

On confronting the defendant with the statement of the Asian woman and if he knows her, he admitted to the murder only, but remembers none of the incident’s details. He also did not recognise the woman while she was in the courtroom.

The Court summoned the cafeteria worker and the guard of the building.

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