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Child suffocates to death in bus in Al Quoz


Police at the site of incident.

An Asian child, 6, died in a bus in Al Quoz area, Dubai Police revealed on Saturday.

The police said the Command & Control Room received a report at 3:00pm that the body of an Asian child was found in a bus belonging to a Quran memorisation centre.

The child was forgotten in the bus for over 9 hours from 8am until he passed away.

According to Faisal Al Qassim, Director of Security Media at Dubai Police, the child slept in the bus that used to take him to the centre and remained inside the bus after all the students had left until he suffocated and died.

Al Qassim pointed out that the driver did not bother to check the bus and left the bus irresponsibly without making sure that no student was inside.

Several reasons lead to such incidents, he said, noting that some bus drivers are in a hurry and consequently do not inspect the students inside their buses to make sure no one is there.

Other reasons include that drivers are not given the necessary training while parents and schools are not properly playing their role of spreading awareness, he said, adding that this would make students feel tired and sleep inside the bus.

Al Qassim emphasised that Dubai Police keep alerting all drivers and supervisors that they should make sure there were no children inside their buses and should drive safely during their journeys to and from school.


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