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Typist harasses female client in corridor


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A typist who offended a female client as she was waiting in a line at a typing centre will spend three months in the dock. The Arab defendant, 25, breached the modesty of the Comorian woman, 23, inside the corridor of his workplace in Al Satwa area at around 8pm on Sept.18, she complained to the Bur Dubai Police Station.

She was waiting for her turn to be served when he walked behind her, touched her and then laughed. He was nabbed and sued on Mar.17. He will be deported after the prison term, the Criminal Court ruled.

On the record, the woman went to the typing centre to fix mistakes in her resume. She handed her documents to a Filipina employee. She was waiting when she realised the defendant was staring at her.

“He strangely kept eyes on me. I ignored him. He faced me and started smiling. He then walked out while talking over his mobile.” On his way back, he walked behind her, touched her and started laughing.

“Thereafter, he said sorry and returned to his desk,” the woman explained, adding that she had returned home at around 11.45pm when she received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number.  

In the message, the sender asked if she was married or not. She realised it was from the defendant. “I told him to stop sending me messages. He kept sending them and making WhatsApp calls to me.”

She decided to alert her husband who escorted her to the police station to lodge a complaint. The defendant upon arrest denied breaching her modesty and claimed his shoulder came into contact with hers by mistake.

He said that his workmate was working on the woman’s documents when he stealthily looked at her phone number and memorised it. He texted her on WhatsApp and asked her whether she was married.

Prosecutors attached an extract of the WhatsApp messages between the defendant and the woman to the case file as incriminating evidence.

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