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Bank employee asked to pay Dhs933,140 loan amount


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Aya Al Deeb, Adnan Okasha, Staff Reporters

The Supreme Federal Court upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance, obligating an employee to pay a bank Dhs933,140 and an interest of 2%.

The employee borrowed Dhs704,000 from the bank, and pledged to repay in 120 months, but he stopped paying without justification.

Details of the case go back to the time when a bank filed a lawsuit demanding that the employee should pay Dhs933,184 and an interest of 12% as of the claim date until the completion of payment. The Court of First Instance appointed an expert and upon his report, the court obligated the employee to pay Dhs933,140 and an interest of 2% interest from the date of the lawsuit until the completion of payment. The employee appealed the ruling and the Appellate Court dismissed the ruling but the appealed the decision.

The Abu Dhabi police arrested a bank employee, who had stolen Dhs600 million from the bank and was making an attempt to flee the country.

The suspect had pinned hope that within no time he was going to become a millionaire. He was fully sure that none could prevent him from becoming a rich person. He had left no stone unturned to keep himself away from the clutches of the police. He was fully sure that the plan he had made to dodge the authorities was accurate.

But everything collapsed due to a dud cheque of Dhs15,000, which he had completely forgotten.

In a separate incident a 67-year-old Emirati woman was run over by a car on Tuesday evening while she was walking near her residence in the Zait area of Ras Al Khaimah.

According to sources, the victim was run over by a car driven by another Emirati woman, resulting in injuries and fractures on different parts of her body.

She was reportedly taken to Saqr Governmental Hospital, where she received first aid and was subjected to an X-ray. The victim was admitted to the intensive care unit and remained under intensive medical care until Wednesday night, and doctors said her condition was stable.

During the past few days, a 50-year-old Omani man and a young Moroccan woman were killed under wheels on the roads of Ras Al Khaimah.

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