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Sharjah Police rescue a child from falling off a building


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Sharjah police rescued a child as he was about to fall from the window of a building in Khorfakkan.

It was a miracle that a police patrol was in the residential area and have noticed the child and quickly responded to the emergency situation.

According to the given information, the police patrol in the area saw the 12-year-old boy hanging out of a high floor window and about to fall. Officers noticed that the boy is not responding to their calls and shouts to alert him, and had to act quickly to save the situation and prevent the injury of the little boy, who was later discovered to have trouble hearing.

The patrol officers’ quick response prevented a tragedy.

It was later found that the boy is one of the people of determination, and the father was urged by police to be more cautious and make sure that all windows of the house are locked in order to ensure the safety of his child.

The Sharjah Police warned public in general and parents in particular about the dangers of children falling from windows or balconies of buildings and towers.

They also urged parents to keep watch over their children and make sure to remove all chairs and tables placed near the windows in order to avoid such tragic incidents from taking place.


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