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What Filipinos wish for their motherland


'Daong' on canvas by Abu Dhabi-based Filipino artist Roberto “Von” Reniva Aytona.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Southeast Asia’s Republic of the Philippines commemorates its 121st freedom from Spain this June 12 although its “full independence” as a free and sovereign country was granted by its second coloniser, the United States of America on July 4, 1946.

The country of 7,107 islands with a population of a little over 108 million has seen its glorious prosperous days specifically during the pre-World War II, very much way ahead in all aspects compared to its neighbours and other colonised states.

It also has suffered a lot socially, economically and politically being a democratic country where inequality has become all too real and brazen. A case of the all too powerful elite against the poor underdogs.

Today, Gulf Today features the wishes of Filipinos in the UAE, a few of them the youth from the capital, as on June 30, the new set of elected national legislators and local government officials shall begin their six-year term of office.

With this, is the photograph of one of the numerous artworks of Filipino artist Roberto “Von” Reniva Aytona, born and raised in the Bicol Region in Southern Luzon, who has been a professional artist using 16 mediums in the last 30 years, rooted in childhood orientations and putting forward these days helping upcoming persons in the field of visual arts.

We all wish the Philippines will be able to move on and move forward despite all challenges.

Philippine-Emirates Private School (Abu Dhabi) 2018-2019 class valedictorian/Student Council president/Prism Campus paper editor-in-chief Wilbert Matthew Dimaculangan: “I wish that my country along with its citizens and leaders capitaliSe on a step to change that was spearheaded by the Duterte Administration to usher an era wherein the “Sleeping Tiger of Asia” finally awakens and the “Pearl of the Orient” shining once more. Likewise, I wish to be a part of the youth whom our national heroes placed their faith on to finally bring real independence and prosperity to our beloved motherland.”

121st Philippine Independence Day Celebration-Dubai and the Northern Emirates Organising Committee Communications chief Lance Japor: “I wish for more local jobs for Filipinos. Being a human resources professional and an overseas Filipino worker, I know everyone’s struggle when it comes to job search to sustain the family’s needs. While most people travel abroad to find good opportunities, it is still everyone’s wish to go back home and work there, to be with loved ones. If jobs were created and made available, this would be a big help for every Filipino and the Philippines.”

121st Philippine Independence Day Celebration-Abu Dhabi chairman/Bayanihan Council Executive Board chairman Engr. Elmer Casao: “That there is political, economic and social stability in my country. I am an advocate of #Global Filipino Brand, so by that time, within the next six years, in parallel with realising the stability, I am looking forward that we are able to re-brand (ourselves) as true Global Filipinos. Continuous prosperity is achieved because the Global Filipinos are more united and (more cooperative) with one another for continuous growth and development.”

The Philippine Global School (Abu Dhabi) Grade 10 student Kirsten Chayne Noble: “That in six years, more of the youth would be eligible to get more involved in the Philippines’s politics, culture and environment. I wish the youth would be more aware (and more active) on issues such as climate change, poverty, justice and equality (and carry these forward onto the global arena for much-needed changes worldwide). Education is the key to this.”

121st Philippine Independence Day Celebration-Dubai and the Northern Emirates Organizing Committee chairman Josie Conlu-Romulo: “I wish for a relatively debt-free and stable economy that produces enough jobs for graduates, a vibrant middle class, a graft-free government, sustainable mass transit and flood control solutions, and a military capable of defending our territory.”

The Philippine Global School (Abu Dhabi) Grade 10 student Kate Danielle Ronquillo: “The significant issues my country (has yet to address concern) access to basic education, public healthcare and a clean (as well as) peaceful environment.

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