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Man assaults cops; Asian molests 7-year-old


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Mahmoud Mohsen and Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporters

The Criminal Court in Sharjah on Tuesday looked into a case in which a Khaleeji young man was charged with assaulting cops while intoxicated. He also damaged their vehicle.

The case dates back to the time when the defendant surrendered to the police station, after he resisted the cops who were trying to check his identity on one of the roads in the emirate.

He was reportedly drunken, so he was unable to identify the police, and was resisting them. He also caused damage to their vehicle when trying to escape. An hour after the incident, he surrendered to the police station.

When he was confronted with the charges, he denied, and said he did not intend to assault or resist the policemen.

“I could not recognise that there were cops,” he told the court. The damage which I caused to the police vehicle was result of an attempt to flee, after one of the cops directed the light of a torch on my face from the window shield. I had to reverse my car and drove away, but I hit unintentionally their vehicle before running away,” he added.

The court decided to postpone the case to July 1, to hear witnesses’ statements and to complete the necessary proceedings.

Meanwhile in a separate case the Dubai Public Prosecution has referred an Asian worker to the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of molesting a seven-year-old girl. The case dates back to a report filed by an Arab family in a shopping mall.

According to the report, while the family was shopping at the mall, the girl went to the games section and was followed by her mother.

A few moments later, the girl came back to her mother with signs of fear on her face. She pointed at an Asian but because she was so scared, she could not explain. After being calmed down by her mother, the victim pointed at a person who was standing close to her and said he molested her several times. The mother told the father who immediately reported the incident to the police.

The police investigations showed that the girl, who was accompanied by her mother and brother in the shopping mall, took her brother to the games section while her mother was shopping but was surprised by an Asian who came to her from behind and groped her several times.

The girl, however, went out quickly, looking for her mother who was close to her. She told her mother about what happened and her father told the police accordingly. The accused was remanded in custody pending prosecution.

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