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Kin of murder victim refuses mediation, financial offer


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Aya Al Deeb, Mohammed Yaseen, Mohamed Al Waselah, Staff Reporters

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court on Tuesday looked into the case of a suspect charged with murdering an Asian following a dispute.

During the session, the victim’s brother refused to waive the retribution, rejecting all mediation and financial offers.

The brother also affirmed to the court that all members of his family insisted on retribution.

The suspect’s lawyer told the court the suspect was defending himself, saying: “The victim and a girl attended to the spot where the suspect was and there a dispute between them aroused because the victim allegedly violated the regulations in force in the company they all worked for.

“The suspect attempted only to frighten the victim who tried to resist him. The suspect then stabbed him in the chest and stomach, resulting in his death.”

In a separate case the Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday heard a case in which an Asian businessman, 22, was accused of importing and circulating a narcotic substance and another case in which a European woman, 31, was accused of importing narcotic substances.

In the first case, as soon as the businessman arrived at Dubai International Airport in March, he was suspected by a customs official. By searching the businessman’s suitcase, the official found two plastic rolls weighing 4 kilograms, which were found later to contain marijuana.

The defendant admitted that he brought the two rolls without knowing what they contained for delivery to a person in the UAE.

The case was referred to the competent authorities at Dubai Police.

The court ordered that the defendant be remanded in custody pending prosecution.

In the second case, the Criminal Court heard a case of a European visitor who brought various narcotic substances weighing about 4 kilograms.

Meanwhile,  an  Asian trucker died after his vehicle had turned over on Yabsa Road, one of the roads established by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development in Fujairah for the trucks.

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