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Dubai Police launch "My Rights and Duties" children awareness game


A screenshot of the game.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Police launched a smart app the first of its kind in the country under the name of "My Rights and Duties " aimed at raising children's awareness of their rights and duties in accordance with modern educational and recreational methods.

This came during a press conference held at the headquarters of General Department of Human Rights in the presence of Brigadier Dr. Aref Ahli, Director of the Women and Children Protection Department, and Lt. Colonel Saeed Rashid Al-Hali the Head of the Department of Administrative Affairs.

Brigadier Dr Aref Ahli said Dubai Police are exerting great efforts to enhance safety and security in the community of Dubai and guarantee the legal and human rights of individuals, especially children, vulnerable groups who need assistance and protection of their rights and freedoms.

Hence, training and awareness-raising programmes were needed to enhance the environment in which children live, promote the rights of this group, and provide them with protection and monitor abuses they might face.

He added that "the application is the first of its kind at the state level, which addresses children in an innovative and professional way considering their young age.

“The simplified and enjoyable application encourages them to realise their rights."

Hence the game "My Rights and Duties" is designed to be an interactive entertainment destination. It can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play Store. The game saw more than 19,000 downloads in the pilot phase that started in December last year.

"The application has four types of entertainment, three interesting worlds and more than 100 fun stages, all of which aim at enhancing their abilities by knowing their personal rights as provided by the law of the state through an entertaining and fun way."

On his part, Lt. Col. Saeed Rashid Al-Hali explains that the game serves as a means to raise the awareness of citizens and society, especially young people, about social issues in a more interactive and stimulating manner.

This will contribute to enhancing their ability to know their duties towards their families and communities, and promote positive behaviour in an interactive manner that allows the child to realize rights to enjoy and as well measure the child's ability to absorb his rights guaranteed by law.

He added that the smart and interactive educational game illuminates the rights of children from the age of 5 years up to 14, and contains 3 worlds, desert and snow and oases. It includes competitions and information, recreational games, and pictures explaining the rights of the child -in Arabic and English.

The player is asked to interact with and colour all interactive content designed to promote positive behaviour and measure the child's ability to understand his rights guaranteed by law.

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