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Gang breaks into company, steals Dhs26,000


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Mohamed Yasin and Ayah Al Deeb, Staff Reporters

An Asian gang has been referred to the Criminal Court of Dubai on Sunday over storming into a company by night to rob it. The four armed gangsters had reportedly stolen Dhs26,000 from the company that operates in technical equipment and devices trading.

It was late night when the suspects stormed into the company. They smashed its glass facade making use of the fact that there were no passers-by in the street in that time, the Court heard.

They confessed to the robbery before the Court.

According to the police records, the Dubai Police were alerted by the company’s workers stating that the company’s front glass had been found smashed, in addition to the drawer of the accountant. They reported a theft of Dhs26,000.

Accordingly, the police initiated investigation into the incident, while a competent team examined the scene. The security teams were able to identify and arrest the gang, who admitted that committed the robbery during the interrogation.

Meanwhile in another story filed by Ayah Al Deeb, the Abu Dhabi appellate court on Sunday looked into the case of an Arab charged with abusing drugs and attempting to flee when a policeman stopped him.

During the hearing, the suspect denied the charges. His father requested to speak on his behalf, based on a power of attorney from his son.

The father explained his son had an accident a year ago during which he was stabbed 16 times in various parts of his body, resulting in a month-long coma, a psychological trauma and nerve damage to various parts of his body, including the nerves of the foot. He added that affected his ability to move.

He added when a policeman attempted to stop his son, he did not respond and then fell into a hole, followed by the policeman who filed a lawsuit against him.

The father submitted to the court a medical report by a hospital affirming his son suffered from depression and that he took narcotics for it, according to a prescription from a government hospital.

The father called for the court to commute the sentence issued by the Court of First Instance, imprisoning his son for one month, to be followed by deportation and fining him Dhs10,000. The court adjourned the case to Tuesday, June 25.

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