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Farmer cleared of sexually abusing his friend’s son


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A farmer allegedly in the habit of abusing his friend’s son has been confirmed innocent by the Appeals Court. The Asian farmer, 26, first appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court on suspicion he sexually abused the Egyptian schoolboy, 15, inside a villa in Mizhar in Dec.2016 and abused him on six occasions in 2017.

The boy experienced psychological turmoil.

His worried Egyptian father, 57, in trying to know what was deranging him took him to a mental hospital where he was subjected to six months of sessions.

The boy disclosed the plight to a psychiatrist.

The farmer was intercepted in 2018 by personnel from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs as he allegedly tried to flee abroad.  

He contended the boy framed him and that he was in his homeland during that period.

He told judges that even the boy’s father dropped charges against him.

He presented a document as proof.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to three years behind bars to be followed by deportation. He appealed the ruling.

The Appeals Court overturned it and acquitted him citing lack of evidence.

In prosecution records, the boy, his sister, and brother had lost their mother and had started staying in the villa with their father (a senior farmer) and his second wife who had a daughter from him.

Once the father brought the defendant (his workmate) to help shave and trim the boy’s hair and that of his little sister and brother.

Meanwhile, the father and his wife walked out and went their way.  The boy was allegedly inside his bedroom when the defendant entered and sat beside him. He engaged him a discussion and asked about his educational affairs. He suddenly wound his arms around him.

The boy failed to free himself. The defendant abused him and fled before the father could return. From then he would sneak into the bedroom and forcibly assault him –even when the father and wife were inside in the villa.

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