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190 people fall sick due to contaminated water


Over 190 people living in Ajman underwent treatment after falling ill. The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

 Over 190 people living in a residential complex in Ajman underwent medical treatment in several hospitals after they suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea on Saturday. The preliminary investigation indicated that there was contamination in the water tank.

According to Eng. Humaid Al Mualla, Acting Director of Health and Safety Department at Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, the department was alerted by one hospital about receiving a number of people suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea.

Consequently, the crisis and emergency management team headed by Maj. Gen. Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, held an emergency meeting to tackle the incident and uncover its circumstances in order to take the necessary action.

Through the investigation, the people who had medical treatment were found living in a residential complex in the emirate of Ajman.

The medical authorities in Ajman reported that 190 cases of victims of gastroenteritis were received by various hospitals. All cases were treated and discharged, except cases of seven people who suffered from high fever, but their condition is stable.

The Health and Safety Department initially revealed a contamination detected in the water tank based on the preliminary laboratory tests. Thus, the necessary actions have been taken in coordination with the towers’ management to determine the incident’s cause. The tanks were emptied, cleaned and sterilised. The water will be returned after ensuring its safety and taking all preventive measures. The results of the laboratory analysis will be announced within this week, Al Mualla said.

In coordination with the medical district in the emirate, it was stressed that all cases were simple and completely treated.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Mohammed Saleh, Director General of the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (Fewa), said that a committee was formed to check out the incident. Samples from the water were taken before the tanks and analysed at Fewa’s central laboratory. The results confirmed that the water was free from any contamination.

Saleh added, “This area is densely populated and is fully serviced by Fewa, even though the Authority’s water is contaminated, other buildings would also have the same issue and this has not happened.”

Saleh called on the owners of residential buildings, villas and other buildings to periodically maintain the water tanks and sterilise them, in addition to making sure they are well-closed so as not to be exposed to any contaminants.

In the meantime, Dr Essam Suleiman Atta, Director of Medical Affairs of Thumbay Hospital, said that all cases received by the hospital, which amounted to more than 90 cases, mostly children showed intestinal infections “vomiting and diarrhoea”. Most of cases were treated and left the hospital, he added.

He explained that the infected people indicated that they used water for bathing, ablution and cleaning.

He further pointed out that among the cases admitted to the hospital were children affected by the continuous vomiting and loss of fluids. Their condition is now stable, he confirmed, noting that the Ajman Medical Zone was informed of the number of cases received.


Recently, the  firefighting squad of the Civil Defence in Ajman doused a fire that erupted in a residential flat located in the industrial area.

No casualties were reported, confirmed Lieutenant Colonel Raed Obaid Al Za’bi, deputy director of centres management.

The Civil Defence’s platform at Ajman Police had received a tip-off reporting that an apartment had caught fire in the new industrial area, Al Za’bi said.

“Immediately, the squad of firefighters rushed to the fire’s location accompanied by the ambulance and the police.

“Upon arrival, the Civil Defence teams evacuated the residential building from all tenants for their safety, while the firefighters extinguished the fire with water, and no injuries were caused,” he added..


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