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Unlicensed teen driver kills man

Abu Dhabi accident site

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Adnan Okasha, Staff Reporter

An Omani man, 50, was killed in a tragic run-over accident on Tuesday late. The accident that took place on Al Oraibi St, Ras Al Khaimah, was committed by a 16-year-old teenager, who does not hold a driver because he is underage.

The victim was transferred to Saqr Governmental Hospital, while he was in a critical condition. He passed away later, according to official sources in the emirate.   

Col. Walid Kanfash, Head of Al Mamoura Comprehensive Police Station, said, “The teenager driver who caused the accident surrendered to Ras Al Khaimah Police at about 1.40am, after he fled the scene.

 “The medical team at the hospital strived to save life of the victim, to no avail, as his wounds were critical,” medical sources said.

Brig. Gen. Mohammed Saeed Al-Humaidi, Director General of Central Operations at Ras Al Khaimah Police, stated that the parents who allow their children to drive vehicles before their legal age and without obtaining a driver’s licence reflects lack of their awareness, despite the awareness campaigns provided by the police.  

The police constantly warn of such a state of indifference that still prevails over some parents, urging them to consider the seriousness of these conducts, which could claim lives of their children.

A recent report said some 457,154 drivers benefited from the “Traffic Fines Settlement Initiative” launched on 7th February, 2019, by the Dubai Police General Command, for not breaking the traffic law and received discounts of up to 25 per cent on their fines, totalling 1,260,046, in return.

Dubai Police said the discount is being offered to reduce the financial burden on motorists and also encourage them to adhere to traffic regulations.

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