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Chef deported for vow to chop manager


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A cook insulted, vowed to incapacitate and kill a manager if he did not stop going after his wife. The Criminal Court has ordered his deportation. The Asian defendant, 36, sent several messages to the Indian manager, 33, containing threats to kill him inside a shopping center in Jumeirah or elsewhere in Dubai and cut off one of his body parts, prosecutors explained.

He sent the threats via Whatsapp and followed them with a statement demanding him to leave his wife. He also posted a barrage of insults involving the manager and his mother. He vowed to sexually assault him and her.  

The incident happened in October last year. The victim lodged a complaint at Al Rifa’a Police Station.

On Mar.20 prosecutors presented to judges documents containing the obscene threat and statements he used.

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced the defendant to three months in prison but suspended the prison term for three years. Besides the confiscation of his mobile phone, the court ordered he be deported.

In prosecution records, the manager said the cook sent him a string of messages via Whatsapp threatening, “I will kill you in Dubai. I will kill you in (he mentioned a mall in Jumeirah)” then vowed to cut off the body part.

The defendant meant to stop him from talking to or coming close to his wife. He threatened to abuse him and his mother. “I was struck with fear and panic. I think he may implement the threats,” he expressed concern.

A Yemeni police sergeant, 63, said the defendant on being confronted with the accusations confessed to have sent Whatsapp messages to the manager. And that they contained foul statements and death threats.

Investigators examined his smartphone and landed on voice notes of insults and death threats.

He confessed before police and prosecutors and acknowledged screenshots showing the content.  Prosecutors handed it to the court.

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