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Video: Sharjah brings tradition alive with Ramadan Iftar cannon


The Ramadan Ifar cannon is being prepared for the event.

Sharjah, living up to its tradition, is hosting the firing of the Ramadan Iftar cannon for the eighth consecutive year.

Gulf Today media team brings you a glimpse of the daily event. The Al Majaz Waterfront is one of the venues hosting the firing of the daily Iftar cannon, notifying worshippers that it’s time to break the fast. A huge crowd gathers every evening to watch the cultural event, which has a long history. 

History has it, that back in the olden days firing the cannon was to announce Iftar time as there were no wristwatches and clocks then.

This authentic religious tradition is telecast live on Sharjah TV at 6.30pm every day at the Al Majaz Waterfront where families gather well before time at the Fountain Piazza, to enjoy the atmosphere and win daily prizes.

Marwa Obaid Al Shamsi, General Manager of Al Majaz Waterfront said: “Al Majaz Waterfront is a place that offers a spiritual and tranquil atmosphere much in line with the true spirit of the holy month. Each year, the destination dedicated to bringing family and friends together, tries to make these 30 days as memorable for all our visitors as possible”.


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