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Woman accused of killing roommate


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Mohammed Barakat, Ameer Al Sunni, Staff Reporters

The Sharjah Criminal Court has adjourned a case in which an Asian woman was accused of killing her roommate to May 28 to hear the witnesses and contact the victim’s family. The accused stabbed the victim to death while she was drunk.

The defendant told the Court, “I lost control of myself when I drank two kinds of liquor on the day of the incident.”

She explained that the scene of the incident was crowded with many of her other roommates present in the house. And she remembered the quarrel took place between her and the victim, while she was intoxicated, but is not sure if she stabbed her or not, the Court heard.

She pointed out that the quarrel took place when she was called by the supervisor of housing for drinking alcohol, and when she refused to go, the supervisor came along with her roommate.

She continued, “I cannot remember what happened during that time. I was quarrelling with some of the roommates and do not know who assaulted me and whom I beat up or if anything else took place in that time.”

A representative of the company in which the defendant worked was present, and presented papers for contact number and address of the victim’s family in homeland. The procedures related to the death of the victim were completed within the country and her body was deported to her country at the request of her family.

The Fujairah Misdemeanors Court fined an Asian Dhs10,000 for possession of alcohol.

According to the official records, Fujairah Police received several alcohol drinking reports. Following intensive investigations, the involved people told the police that they had bought the alcoholic beverages from the defendant who was available at the workers’ housing.

Leading a fake operation to buy bottles of wine from the defendant, the police arrested the defendant red-handed. The defendant was brought to the court of law where he confessed to possessing bottles of wine.

In another case, a Gulf citizen denied the drug abuse charge levelled against him by the court. The defendant was arrested while driving a car with no driving licence. He was referred to the anti-narcotics department after the police had suspected the way he was behaving. A sample taken to check his health condition showed that he had narcotics. The defendant claimed this sample had been changed.

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