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Girls land in trouble over ‘insult’


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Mohammed Barakat, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Misdemeanours Court looked into the case of two Arab girls, one of them charged with insult and humiliation.

According to the case papers, one of the girls sent an email to her colleague at a real estate company in Sharjah containing the word “Rude”.

The victim told the court that a misunderstanding occurred between her and her colleague, after which the latter sent an e-mail containing offensive statements.

The court confronted the suspect with the charge which she denied saying she did not mean to insult her colleague.

The plaintiff and the suspect presented a legal translation by an accredited office of the Ministry of Justice clarifying the exact meaning of the word “Rude” in Arabic.

The plaintiff refused to waive the case in return for an apology email by the suspect. She said she lost her job due to the incident, which caused her psychological and material damage.

The Public Prosecution requested the reference of the email to the translation section of the Public Prosecution or the Ministry of Justice to give the exact meaning of the word “Rude”.

An earlier report said the Sharjah Misdemeanours Court adjourned to May 5 for defence, the case of an Asian charged with cursing a girl in English saying she was stupid.

The victim told the court that she knew the defendant because he used to visit her sponsor and manager, adding that he had tried to assault her twice but she turned him away and told her manager. The latter reportedly asked him not to disturb her but he kept trying to communicate with her and when she did not respond to him, he cursed her.

The suspect denied the charges before the court.

Recently, the Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned to May 7 to hear witnesses in the case of an Arab charged with submitting false statements to a public official and using the ID card of another.

The suspect denied the charges, claiming that the ID he was charged to sue was his brother’s, who travelled to his country and left it with him. He added he had put it in his wallet and when the employee asked for his ID card, he took out his wallet, and his brother’s ID fell out of it, so the employee took it by mistake.

In another case, a 25-year-old Khaleeji man died after his motorbike crashed in the Hamidiya, Ajman.

Major Fuad Al Khaja, head of traffic and patrols at Ajman Police, said the accident took place on Sheikh Zayed Road in the Al-Hamidiya.

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