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Priyanka steps down from roadshow to save man


Priyanka Gandhi waves to supporters during a road show. File / AFP

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, during her roadshow in Varanasi on Wednesday evening, saw that a man in the crowd had fallen down.

She immediately got down from her truck and offered water to the man who complained of chest pain.

She asked her security personnel to arrange for a car and made sure that he was taken to a nearby hospital. Later, Gandhi continued her road show,

A few days ago, Gandhi had helped a child with tumour to get treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.

The family of the child had contacted Gandhi and had said that they were unable to afford the treatment for their child.

Gandhi asked party leader Rajiv Shukla to sned the child to AIIMS and her charter plane took the child and her family to Delhi within hours. The child is being treated at AIIMS in Delhi.

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