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Sheikha Jawaher urges youth to call emirate Ras Al Khaimah, not RAK


Sheikha Jawaher speaks to audience during an event. File / WAM

Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, expressed her concern over the fact that youngsters, and citizens nowadays use an acronym RAK, instead of using the full name of the emirate.

Sheikha Jawaher said she is worried about its usage and highlighted the emirate’s historical importance.

Sheikha Jawaher took to Twitter and said, “As for Ras Al Khaimah, it is mentioned from the days of Alexander the Great in 321 BC in one of Ptolemy books. The name of Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain were also mentioned… Be proud of the names of the Emirates…”

She also said, “Ras Al Khaimah has a history, pride and dignity and its people and elders do not change its name nor shortened it …”

Sheikha Jawaher urged young people to say, Ras Al Khaimah, and not RAK.

Prominent media person, Raghda El Saeed said, “Unfortunately, it is an attempt to undermine the UAE’s heritage and values… it is our duty to fight this trend…”

Since Sheikha Jawaher’s tweet, prominent personalities flooded the social platforms, supporting the royal’s message.

A couple of week ago she had said that a huge investment is required to support and nurture children with education in order to ensure a world based on open dialogue and understanding.

She also pointed out that Sharjah depends on its children, who will together create a stable present and pave the way for a bright future.

This came during her visit to the ongoing Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2019) at Sharjah Expo Centre, where she toured the exhibition halls and pavilions and was briefed on the events, seminars and other activities on the festival’s 2,546 activity agenda.

Sheikha Jawaher also took part in some of the workshops and recreational activities that were happening during her visit.

She said, “Today, we are harvesting the fruits of the seeds sown by the Ruler of Sharjah in the children more than 40 years ago. The sincere efforts put in by Sheikh Sultan to cultivate new generations with leading knowledge and an in-depth understanding and appreciation of culture has come to fruition. In the form of confident young women and men who are using this knowledge to lead Sharjah on the path of progress and attaining remarkable achievements at various levels, along the way.

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