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Man accused of forging documents for treatment


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Ameer Al Sunni, Staff Reporter

The Fujairah Court of Appeal has heard a case in which a GCC citizen was charged with forging official documents and using official cards that belonged to others.

According to the official records, a private hospital in Fujairah filed a complaint with the police in which it accused a GCC citizen in his thirties of forging an official document and using two official cards belonging to another to get medical treatment in the hospital. He was also accused of submitting official documents to get therapeutic services.

Following intensive investigations, the defendant was found to have forged a signature on an official application that he submitted to the hospital to get medicine and therapeutic services that he was not entitled to. The defendant also submitted an ID card and another card in the name of the same person.

The defendant, however, denied all the charges levelled to him and claimed that he submitted the two cards with their owner’s knowledge.

In an unrelated event, last month, the Dubai Criminal Court ordered deportation for a man who forged a Dhs2 parking ticket.

The Asian defendant –an employee, 44- committed forgery on a parking ticket issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). He cut out a number (5) from an old ticket and fixed it on an expired ticket. He did this to extend the validity of the expired ticket by two days. It had expired on Mar.3.2019 but he altered it by covering (3) with (5) to make the expiry date Mar.5.2019, showed Naif Police Station records.

He placed the forged ticket behind windshield of his car that he left inside a paid parking lot in Nakheel area. Prosecutors accused him of forgery and use of a forged parking ticket. He denied the charges on April.15. The Dubai Criminal Court found him guilty and sentenced him to a suspended three-month-prison term.

It ordered he be deported from the country. Prosecutors had demanded the toughest punishment applicable.

Records revealed the defendant was apprehended after an RTA inspector detected that the forged parking ticket carried an area code different from the code of Naif area where he parked his car.