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Financial manager gets 5 years in jail


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Ehab Atta, Mohammed Barakat, Staff Reporters

The Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced an Asian financial manager, 44, to five years in jail to be followed by deportation on charges of forging documents and receipts and embezzling Dhs656,534.

According to the official records, a European financial manager testified during investigations that he worked for the complaining company in Germany and used to audit the accounts of it’s branch in Dubai. While auditing the accounts, he discovered that the documents provided by the defendant regarding transactions with other entities and companies had been manipulated, he said.

The documents showed that the defendant embezzled the said amount in several incidents through encashing cheques in his favour, using the company’s credit card for personal interests and depositing amounts in the name of other people.

In another case, the Sharjah Criminal Court sentenced an Asian, 51, to six months in jail with stay of execution and fined him Dhs5,000 to be followed by deportation after he was convicted of taking advantage of his job by bringing prohibited materials into the Punitive and Correctional Institution against Dhs100 bribe.

According to official records, a team tasked with inspecting visitors and personnel caught the defendant red-handed while trying to deliver prohibited materials to an inmate, taking advantage of his job as a male nurse. On interrogation, the defendant was found to be taking Dhs100 in return for bringing these prohibited materials into the prison.

The court questioned the defendant about the charges against him but he denied them, while the public prosecution requested the court to convict the defendant.

In another case, the Criminal Court in Dubai on Tuesday looked into the case of an Arab businessman, 36, accused of swindling Dhs120,000 after cheating a 49-year-old Khaleeji man. According to the police records, the story began when the victim saw an advertisement in an application on his mobile phone seeking a financier to renew a commercial license of an oil services company in order to be able to sell it for a large sum.

The victim contacted the advertiser (the defendant), who sent to him copies of forged documents proving his ownership of the company.

The defendant requested the victim to pay the renewed fees of the license amounting Dhs120,000, in return for a share of Dhs370,000 from the licensee value after its sale. The defendant received the money and then started to evade, which drove the victim to lodge a complaint with the police.

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