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5-year jail term to individual convicted of cybercrimes, joining Daesh


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The State Security Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday issued a five-year jail sentence on a Comoran citizen (A.A.A.Z) aged 21 years, and a fine of Dhs1,000,000.

The Court ordered the confiscation of all devices used to commit the crimes, as well as the wiping of all data produced by the defendant, as well as the closing of all accounts associated to the defendant. The sentenced individual was also ordered to bear the cost of all judicial expenses.

A.A.A.Z was found guilty for joining the terrorist organisation, Daesh, and pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the leader of the militant terrorist organisation, via their Twitter account.

The Court also convicted A.A.A.Z of using their Twitter account to disseminate detrimental information and articles promoting Al Qaeda and Daesh, whilst also urging young individuals to join these terrorist groups, knowing full well the reality and objectives of these terrorist organisations. The accused was also convicted of publishing media articles detailing false information detrimental to the UAE and its community.

The Court said that the guilty was in violation of Articles 1, 22, and 45 of Federal Law No. 07 of 2014 on Combating Terrorism Offences, and Articles 1, 9, 26 and 41 of Federal Law No. 05 of 2012 on Combatting Cybercrimes.


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