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Girl confesses to taking psychotropic substances


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Ameer Al Sunni, Staff Reporter

The Fujairah Misdemeanors Court has heard four different cases related to the use and possession of drugs and violation of regular examination procedures and rules.

In one of these cases, an Arab girl, 24, confessed to taking psychotropic substances after being caught by the police with a crystal methamphetamine pill in her handbag.  

In another case, a GCC citizen confessed to having destroyed three cars while he was driving his car with an expired driving licence under the influence of drugs.

In the third case, a GCC citizen denied the charge levelled against him with respect to violating the regular examination procedures and rules. He said he was in custody on another case and was not notified of the regular examination dates.

The judge read the defendant’s statement made to the Public Prosecution, which showed that he failed deliberately to attend the regular examination sessions. The defendant, however, insisted that he had not been notified of the dates while in custody.

In the fourth case, two GCC citizens confessed to having violated the regular examination procedures and rules although they were aware of the examination dates. They gave no reasons why they did not go to the competent examination centre.

The court decided to adjourn all the cases to subsequent sessions for verdicts.

Recently, an ex-fugitive mule whose accomplice died after drugs split inside his stomach lost an appeal against his punishment at the Dubai Appeals Court.

The Asian defendant –a visitor, 34- managed to flee the country several years ago after the death of a fellow mule in a botched drug smuggling operation that saw drugs busting in his stomach, records showed.

He was on Sept.22 intercepted at the Dubai International Airport while trying to transit through the country carrying a leather handbag containing two cartons stuffed with 1351.4 grammes of cocaine.

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