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Emirati mom saves kids from AC blast


At the room where the explosion took place.

Hessa Saif, Staff Reporter

An Emirati mother managed to save her three children before the air conditioning unit in their room exploded on Monday in Khuzam in Ras Al Kaimah.

Sumayya, 30, broke the glass of the window and was able to rescue her children out one after the other before she herself left the room a few moments before the air conditioning unit exploded.

Following a report that a fire broke out in a room of an Emirati’s house, civil defence vehicles and police patrols rushed to the scene of the fire and put it out before it spread to other rooms.

Sumayya had to break the glass of the window after she failed to locate the room key when smoke started coming out of the air conditioning unit.

“My little children woke me up after they saw smoke spreading in the room where I was asleep with them. Because I was confused, I could not find the room key and that is why I broke the glass of the window to save my little children aged between two to five. I then jumped behind them and a few moments later, I heard the sound of an explosion inside the room.

Sumayya and her children sustained minor injuries and were admitted to Saqr Government Hospital. Sumayya severely injured her shoulder while getting out of the window.

Last month, A vehicle was gutted in a collision between three vehicles in Abu Dhabi due to the driver not leaving enough distance and not focusing on the road, said Lieutenant Colonel Gaber Saidan Al Mansouri, Head of Accident Investigation Department, Abu Dhabi Traffic Department.

The Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations Command and Control Centre received a tipoff on Sunday on the collision. Civil Defence teams, ambulances and police patrols instantly rushed to the scene and handled the incident promptly.

Mansouri called on motorists to commit to safe driving and attention, and to abide by traffic laws and rules to avoid traffic accidents, to preserve the safety of road users.

Impounding yard

The management of impounding yard of civilian heavy and light vehicles in the emirate of Dubai has been privatised and will be operated by Emirates Parking Company with an estimated budget of Dhs20 million annually, the Dubai Police announced recently.

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