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Drug mule spotted limping inside airport


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A limping visitor caught customs officers’ attention. He was carrying more than 1kg of narcotic drugs in his stomach, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

The Asian defendant, 23, arrived at the Dubai International Airport on Feb.18 carrying 118 capsules stuffed with a total of 1036.74 grammes of methamphetamine and 2 capsules containing a total of 34.20 grammes of hashish.   

An Emirati Dubai Customs inspector narrated, “The defendant was walking through the inspection area of Terminal-3 when my colleague suspected him as he turned right and left as if he was watching out for someone.

“He walked abnormally, and with difficulty. My colleague referred him to me. I asked him whether he had any illegal item he would like to declare.

“He said no. I searched his belongings and failed to find anything illegal.

“Meanwhile, he appeared to be worn-out. His face looked abnormal. He was eager to walk out of the airport and leave. I suspected he had something wrong in his stomach. I examined him with a body scanner and noticed strange lumps in his stomach.”

The defendant on being confronted about the lumps said he was carrying 120 capsules containing a narcotic substance whose type he did not know. “He begged me to allow him go to the washroom to release the capsules,” said the inspector.

“I escorted him and he released 49 capsules. I checked one and discovered it contained a suspicious white powder.

“I examined it using the Dubai Customs narcotics detection device and confirmed it was crystal (methamphetamine).”

During prosecution investigations he said he had capsules two of which contained hashish. He said he was not aware of the type of narcotic substance others contained. And that he was delivering them in reward for $1,500. Prosecutors demanded a tough punishment. The court deferred the hearing till June 16.

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