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Fake nuclear engineer, cohorts lose case


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Hamza M. Sengendo, Staff Reporter

 A waiter posed as a national nuclear corporation engineer to swindle a credit card. He and his accomplices must serve their two-year jail term.

The Asian waiter, 32, managed to swindle the card but his scheme to start withdrawing cash from a bank client’s account fell flat after the bank’s credit section detected the documents he presented were fake.

His compatriot sales executive, 37, and an unemployed man, 38, had helped him forge the documents and even escorted him to receive the card from the bank’s saleswoman, prosecutors revealed on Feb.12.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced them to two years behind bars to be followed by deportation. They insisted they were innocent and sought to challenge the ruling. However, the Appeals Court upheld it.

The Pakistani saleswoman, 27, told the Jebel Ali Police Station that the waiter told her he wanted to open a current account. He claimed he was the corporation engineer. She met him at its Abu Dhabi parking lots.

She later had a meeting with him at a mall in Dubai. He presented his supposed passport and identity card plus their copies, a bank statement and a salary certificate’s copy. He filled in and signed necessary documents.

He signed an application for the credit card with a Dhs25,000 limit. She examined the documents and their copies and returned the originals to him. She referred the transaction to the credit section for approval. The corporation revealed in a report that it had no employee with names mentioned on the salary certificate. Similarly, the residency directorate confirmed the visa was fake. Upon arrest, he confessed and revealed his accomplices. Police nabbed them. The saleswoman identified the sales executive during a parade.

Police investigators checked the sales executive’s two iPhones and landed on copies of passports, IDs, visas, cheques, an e-entry permit and salary certificate. The unemployed man’s iPhone contained copies of passports, IDs, visas, cheques, a salary certificate and an e-entry permit among other documents.

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