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‘Book offers great insight into UAE’


A beautiful culture finds its way to people’s minds and hearts rather naturally, said Stefano Zecchi.

Stefano Zecchi, Milan’s Former Minister of Culture, renowned writer, journalist and university professor, underlined that Hadeeth Al Thakira, written by His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi,  Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, has enabled the world to look at Emirati and Arab history from an angle that will change the perception of many countries towards Arab nations.

The book has been translated into five languages including English, German, Portuguese, French, Hindi, and most recently, to Italian, which was launched in the presence of Sheikh Sultan at the Palazzo Madama in Turin, Italy.

This came during a session organised by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) as part of the emirate’s guest of honour programme at Turin International Book Fair 2019 (TIBF 2019). Professor Zecchi spoke to the session’s attendees about his take on the Sharjah Ruler’s book, saying it reintroduces Emirati and Arab cultures to Western countries. “As Italians, our perception of the UAE’s history was limited to oil and wealth. We did not know anything else about this country or about its community. His Highness’s book has offered us a wonderful insight into the UAE Arab world through its art, poetry and heritage,” said Professor Zecchi.

“Some countries seek to promote their cultures using military force and other forms of coercion. However, His Highness’s book questions this approach, proving that a beautiful culture does not need to impose itself through force, as it finds its way to people’s minds and hearts rather naturally. The Sharjah Ruler’s power of persuasion is attributed to his honesty and strong intellectuality, along with his dedication to serving the common interests of humankind,” he added.

“In the book, His Highness focuses on the history of Emirati and Arabic poetry, because he wants to highlight its pivotal role in reflecting the conscience of communities, nations and civilisations. Poetry encapsulates the social, political and cultural life of all nations. By focusing on culture, the leader and scholar has built a direct connection between readers and Emirati and Arab realities, which makes this book a significant reference for all arts-based and scientific research about the origins and roots of Arab and Islamic culture,” he further remarked.

“Since our greater objective is to foster understanding, coexistence and harmony among nations, I highly recommend reading this book. “

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