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Motorist, contract killers jailed for 25 years


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

An Asian motorist hired his cousin and a friend to butcher a businessman who killed his brother. They were jailed for 25 years on Thursday.

The Asian businessman had killed the motorist’s brother 13 years ago and fled to Dubai. The motorist, 32, upon learning about this commissioned his cousin, 30, and a friend, 46, to kill him against Dhs15,000.

The businessman while in Dubai reportedly tried to seduce his business associate’s wife. He told her about the associate’s relationships with certain women. The associate hated him and stopped dealing with him.

He was thus quick to direct the killers to the businessman’s residence and office and disclose his vehicle plate number. They purchased a hammer and a screwdriver, read Al Qusais Police Station records.

The motorist drove them to the residence in Nahdah-2 area. The cousin and friend stepped out and lurked in wait in the parking lot until the businessman arrived in his car around 2:30am on Dec.7.2017.

Both attacked him as he resisted. The cousin mistakenly knifed the friend’s arm as the latter was hammering. They ran inside the car and sped off. They were arrested at the Dubai International Airport.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the motorist and both contract killers to 25 years in jail plus deportation over premeditated murder and the associate to 10 years plus deportation for abetting it.

On the record, an Indian engineer was driving when he spotted them running. One of them was bleeding heavily from his arm. The engineer pulled over and saw the deceased. He contacted police.

An Emirati lieutenant said the bleeding friend was ambulanced to Rashid Hospital. The cousin revealed the motorist promised them Dhs5, 000 in the UAE and Dhs10, 000 after returning to their homeland.

They agreed to kill the businessman for having killed the motorist’s brother in 2005. The friend rented a getaway car. They monitored him before purchasing a knife and a hammer at a shop in Sharjah.

After the murder, they sped off to a supermarket in Al Muraqqabat. The motorist bought new clothes. They changed and threw the bloodstained clothes in various areas within the airport’s parking lots.

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