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Man to serve 7 years in prison over killing his girlfriend


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Court of Cassation has upheld a seven-year prison term to a young man convicted of murder.

The convict reportedly killed his girlfriend with a knife following controversy demanding to end his relationship with her. He knew that she was involved in a relationship with her colleague, which drove him to kill her.

According to the police records, the operations room was alerted about murder of an Asian girl stabbed by a knife until death.

The security teams initiated investigations into the incident, which led to identifying and arrested the perpetrator in possession of the knife used in the crime, along with cannabis.

The suspect confessed to the murder, attributing it to her demand to end his relationship with her after one of her colleagues tried to befriend her, which flared up his jealousy. He killed her after provoking him by insisting on ending the relationship with him to start a new relationship with her colleague.

The convict faced charges of premeditatedly killing the victim through luring her to the room where she lived, where he slaughtered her and stabbed her in different parts of her body. He was also charged with possessing narcotics.

The Court of First Instance sentenced the convict to seven years in prison on the premeditated murder, while acquitted him of possession of narcotics.  

The defendant appealed the sentence, while the Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of the Court of First Instance. Lat month, a labourer was given one year of jail plus deportation for stabbing a visitor for swindling money from his friends after promising to find them attractive jobs.

The Asian defendant, 21, sought the help of an unidentified man to lure the Sri Lankan victim, 33, to a bus station. He used a knife and a broken golf club to hit his stomach, chest, neck and back. The incident happened in Jumeirah at around 8pm on Jul.18.2018.

The murder bid fell flat after the victim was rushed to hospital and underwent life-saving surgeries. The defendant was inebriated that day.

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