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Inspector punished for disfiguring captain


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter 

An inspector who battered and broke a military officer’s nose upon suspecting him of peeking at his sister will spend three months in prison and pay Dhs150,000.

The Arab defendant, 26, repeatedly punched the face of the Emirati captain, 32, at Al Safa Street at around 8:30pm on Dec.30. The victim sustained a bent nose coupled with chronic pain and difficulties in breathing.

Doctors called it a 5 per cent permanent deformity. The defendant also damaged the victim’s motorcycle and helmet. The Criminal Court ordered him to pay Dhs150, 000 in compensation for moral and material damage.

On the record, the captain was riding his heavy Honda motorcycle towards City Walk area when he stopped at a red signal. “There was traffic jam. I turned to look behind and check on my friend who was an amateur biker.

“On my right hand side was a car driven by the defendant. He lowered the window and said ‘come with us in the car.’ I told him I was checking behind for my friend and did not look inside his car,” explained the captain.

The captain turned behind again. The defendant drove closer and said, “No! Come inside with us.” Thereafter, the captain overtook four cars and stopped at a signal. The defendant suddenly knocked him from behind.

“I fell down and the 400kg motorcycle fell on my leg. I could not move.

“The defendant started thrusting blows on my helmet until it broke. He repeatedly punched my face and broke my nose. I lost consciousness.”

A Canadian motorist said she saw the defendant shouting at the victim before raining punches in his face. He kicked the motorcycle and punched the victim as the latter struggled to stand up until pedestrians intervened.

During police questioning, the defendant said he asked him what he was looking at then called him inside. The latter replied, “Is there a place for me.” He battered him then went to hospital over injuries sustained while punching the helmet.

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