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Businessman sued for killing female friend


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A businessman punched his female friend to death inside her flat following a misunderstanding, he acknowledged the incident in court on Tuesday.

The Arab defendant, 40, stood trial at the Dubai Criminal Court charged with the premeditated murder of the Lebanese woman, 40s, inside her flat in Dubai Motor City on the early morning of Jul.25, as per prosecution records.

He spent a period there during which he consumed alcohol. They disputed over a matter and he rained punches on her head, face and various parts of her body. She sustained multiple injuries and fractures that claimed her life.

He denied the premeditated murder charge and contended that they engaged in fight following a misunderstanding. “She beat me and I beat her in retaliation. I never planned nor had a motive to kill her.”

His lawyer asked for time to listen to witnesses and prepare his defence. The lawyer representing the victim’s family asked for time to prepare a civil lawsuit. The jury adjourned the hearing till May 21.

On the record, a Lebanese saleswoman working with the victim wondered why the latter did not show up at the workplace. Several people started asking about her including her sister since she was not responding to phone calls.

At around 4pm the saleswoman and a Canadian workmate went to her flat to check on her.

They landed on her half-naked body. An Emirati lieutenant said investigators suspected foul play. There were stains almost everywhere.

Sources told investigators that the defendant was her male friend and used to frequent her flat. He resided in Abu Dhabi. Upon his arrest, he said he abused alcohol and arrived at the victim’s flat around 10pm on Jul.24 to meet her.

At around 3:30am a heated argument erupted. She slapped him in the face. He retaliated by slapping her face several times. She bled from the nose. He washed her face and offered to take her to hospital. She refused. He left.

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