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Australian republicans send cheeky congrats to Harry and Meghan


Meghan has given birth to a boy, her husband Prince Harry revealed to the world on Monday in a low-key announcement intended to protect their privacy. File photo/ AFP

Australians campaigning to end the former colony's allegiance to the British monarchy “warmly” congratulated Harry and Meghan on Tuesday on the birth of their son.

But in a cheeky message, the Australian Republic Movement reminded the royals that their goal remained a nation where any child can aspire “to the top job regardless of their family.”

Australians voted to keep the British monarch as their head of state in a 1999 referendum, but the opposition Labor party has vowed to hold a new plebiscite on the issue if they win national elections on May 18, as opinion polls predict.

Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a supporter of the monarchy, tweeted “huge congratulations” to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their baby son was born overnight.

The Republic Movement also said it “warmly congratulates Harry and Meghan on the birth of their son,” but added that their sentiment extended to “all Australians who welcomed a child into the world today.”

The movement noted that the baby is the seventh in line to the British throne, “making him unlikely to ever rule over Australians.”

“We look forward to when our head of state is chosen by Australians, and on merit, instead of birthright,” it said.

Public support for Australia breaking its ties with the British monarchy slumped following a visit Down Under by Harry and Meghan shortly after the former American actress announced she was pregnant.

An opinion poll found only 40 per cent of respondents favoured Australia becoming a republic, the lowest level of support in 25 years and 10 points down from a similar survey conducted before the royal couple's October visit.

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