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Streetwalker, client fight inside Dubai taxi


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A streetwalker and her client exchanged blows inside a moving taxi when she hesitated after pocketing Dhs2, 000 and demanded Dhs500 more.

The Arab woman, 21, and man, 25, were referred to the Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday. She was charged with streetwalking. The man faces the charge of beating her and stealing her two mobile phones and Dhs500.

The woman refuted the streetwalking allegation and her lawyer asked for to prepare her defence. The man did not show up. The jury adjourned the hearing till May.17.

A Yemeni corporal said he was dispatched to the scene in Al Jadaf after the woman contacted police claiming she was inside a taxi when a man she did not know entered and started directing the cabbie to his residence.

She claimed he held her arm as the taxi moved. When she resisted he beat her and the cabbie pulled over. He snatched her valuables and fled.

“Surveillance footage showed they were together at the hotel’s night club.

“They hailed the taxi together,” said the corporal. “I confronted her with the footage. She revealed she agreed to be with him but did not initially set the amount she wanted. They disputed over the amount in the taxi.

“On his part, the man revealed she had agreed to take Dhs2, 000. While inside the taxi she demanded Dhs500 more and refused to return the Dhs2, 000.

“They had a heated argument during which she slapped his face.

“He seized her, punched her back and took her mobiles and Dhs500 then fled. Both told me they were under the influence of alcohol.” The corporal said she told him she had been streetwalking in the country for long.

The cabbie said both stopped him and told him to take them to another. “They started arguing on the way. I saw the man slapping the woman in the face before punching her face, head and back. I parked and called the police.”

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