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Sharjah Ruler visits Turin’s museums


Sheikh Sultan visits a number of historical and artistic museums and the National Archives in Turin, Italy.

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, visited several museums in Turin, Italy, on Saturday.

These included the Royal Museums in Turin and the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, which comprises some of his unique paintings and artworks.

The Ruler of Sharjah explored ‘Casa Savoy’ or The House of Savoy’s historical collections and manuscripts, which document important events in the royals’ lives, in addition to sculptures and unique tools that reflect the culture that prevailed during the Savoy family’s reign.

Dr. Sheikh Sultan also visited the Royal Library of Turin, where librarians offered him a look into important manuscript collections, engravings and drawings documenting the royal life of The House of Savoy. A special collection of books and rare manuscripts from many countries and cultures including Arab and Islamic cultures was also examined by the Sharjah Ruler.

At the Oriental Art museum, Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi viewed an exhibition titled, ‘Water, Islam and Art’, where traditional bowls and vases, carpets, and other historical items that showcase Islamic arts and culture, are on display.

Sheikh Sultan also visited the Islamic Exhibition here, which is considered one of the most significant displays of historical Islamic resources shared with them by prestigious museums and entities worldwide, and the originality of subject matter. He also visited the State Archives of Turin, which has many historical documents and manuscripts of many countries and regions from different eras, as well as royal resolutions, seal and stamps, in addition to book volumes that preserved the history of Italy in general and Turin in particular.

Sheikh’s Sultan visit yesterday concluded with Egyptian Museum in Turin, which houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities and artefacts that reflect the life of ancient Egyptian civilisation, and the tools that were invented during the pharaonic dynasties. The visit also included their popular ‘Kings Gallery’.

As a token of appreciation for the visit, historical documents and rare manuscripts from the museums have been presented to the Ruler of Sharjah as gifts and memorabilia.

 ‘Hadeeth Al Thakira’

His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, said that his three-part book ‘Hadeeth Al Thakira’ was a continuation of the events depicted in his earlier publication ‘My Early Life’ which had recounted the period from his childhood till he became the Ruler of Sharjah and the circumstances that led him to adapt quickly to ruling the emirate.

His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Al Qasimi delivered the speech on May 3 (Friday), at the launch ceremony of the Italian edition of ‘Hadeeth Al Thakira’ at the Madama Palace in Turin.

His Highness welcomed the officials, writers and publishers who were present on the occasion, and highlighted the importance of Italian culture and literature that was still thriving and contributing to the development of society.

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi also thanked the publisher of the Italian version of ‘Hadeeth Al Thakira’, which combined the original three-part recollections into one book.

He said: “Some interpret the book as a personal story, which it is not. It is about a period when the UAE was becoming a nation. The events leading to that was conveyed indirectly through the experiences of the protagonist who lived through those years under the rule of a wise man whom we supported and stood beside until he passed away.

“This book tells the story of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his journey in uniting the UAE, in an simple way. Thankfully, the publisher of the Italian version was able to consolidate the three parts into one, unlike the original three parts that we had to publish in three stages, at successive editions of the Sharjah International Book Fair,” said His Highness.


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